Affordable Housing Approach

Our program is more than just four walls and a roof.

Our Approach

Our program was developed as part of a larger Community Economic Development (CED) strategy to revitalize Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods. Stable, safe and affordable housing is necessary for the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

Quint’s Affordable Rental Housing program integrates social, economic, and environmental objectives into each housing project. To maximize community benefit, Quint links housing projects with other complementary initiatives in the community.

We work to ensure that our rental housing is family-friendly and fosters a sense of community. To achieve this, Quint supports the development of tenants’ associations, tenant educational workshops, collective kitchens, tenant potlucks/BBQs, community gardening, and common green space.

Our work is based in innovation

Quint promotes stable housing through the implementation of our Eviction Prevention Program. Through the Eviction Prevention Program, families gain the tools and knowledge available to achieve housing stability and progress towards their housing goals.

Our Eviction Prevention Work is financially supported by: Affinity Credit Union, and Communtiy First.

Quint also continues to pursue and develop new ideas to expand the amount of affordable housing that we can provide.

Watch a short two-part documentary about how Quint got started around the issue of affordable housing.

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