In Our Community

Nurturing community vibrancy and resilience.

Our Community Objective

Our motto is that we work together to strengthen communities. One of our four long-term objectives is to nurture community vibrancy and resilience. This means that we initiate and support community initiatives that create cultural, recreational, educational, and socio–economic opportunities in the core neighbourhoods.

Quint nurtures community vibrancy and resilience by:

  • Organizing access to free, family-friendly inclusive events;
  • Working with partner organizations to coordinate forums for community residents to have a voice in important community discussions;
  • Participating in community events and initiatives;
  • Working with others to strengthen the core communities. 

Supporting access to free arts and culture within the west side core neighbourhoods

Quint envisions communities that offer cultural and recreational opportunities for all citizens. We are proud to collaborate each year with SUM Theatre and the Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre, which collectively provided a live theatre experience to 940 community members in 2020.

Supporting our vision of safe, stable and caring communities

Quint actively participates in events that promote cultural diversity and inclusion, and leads initiatives to support community members with informed-decision making on issues that impact them. In 2020, staff took part in over 15 community events and awareness campaigns. 

Partnering for Change

Various partnerships and initiatives provide the theory, community leadership, resources, and guidance to achieve our community economic development work in the west side core.

Quint works collaboratively with Reconciliation Saskatoon, Community-University Institute for Social Research, The Canadian Community Economic Development Network, the Safe Community Action Alliance, Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership, Saskatoon Inter-Agency Response to Covid-19, Station 20 West Development Corporation, Canadian Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, North Saskatoon Business Association, and the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.