Including Skill Building as Part of your Job Search

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Disrupting the Cycle of Transiency. An Oski Mācipayin Success Story.

“This is the longest I’ve ever lived in one place” – Quint Tenant  Many of Quint's tenant families have never lived in a single place for...

Candidates Respond to Addressing Poverty in the Core Neighbourhoods

The civic election is Monday, November 9th. Our City plays a critical role in keeping the community and its residents healthy. Voting in a...

Working together to strengthen community.

Quint is a unique not-for-profit focused on creating opportunities that address disparities and enhance economic and social conditions for the west side core neighbourhoods of Saskatoon.

We do this by:

  • providing affordable and transitional housing
  • providing employment services,
  • developing social enterprises, and
  • supporting community  

Our Impact

We provide people-centered support to foster the growth of healthy individuals, families, and neighbourhoods.

Learn more about our community and the goals that drive our work!

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