Shedding Light on the SIS program. Johnny’s Story

“Johnny” is long-term tenant of ours and we shared part of his experience at the #ChangeSIS rally last fall. As a former SAP (Social...

The SIStem is Broken

A system, like others, set up to oppress Sitting on the phone for hours only to have an automated message come on and then drop your call;...

Saskatoon West Candidates Respond to Supporting Core Communities through the Housing Crisis

The federal election is Monday, September 20th 2021. The federal government creates laws, and manages programs and services that affect...

Working together to strengthen community.

Quint is a unique not-for-profit focused on creating opportunities that address disparities and enhance economic and social conditions for the west side core neighbourhoods of Saskatoon.

We do this by:

  • providing affordable and transitional housing
  • providing employment services,
  • developing social enterprises, and
  • supporting community  

Our Impact

We provide people-centered support to foster the growth of healthy individuals, families, and neighbourhoods.

Learn more about our community and the goals that drive our work!

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