Core Neighbourhoods at Work for Employers

Supporting the employment and training needs of Saskatoon’s core communities since 2001.

What is CNAW?

The Core Neighbourhoods at Work Program (CNAW) has supported the employment and training needs of Saskatoon’s core neighbourhood residents since 2001. Each year, we help more than 1500 individuals pursue their employment goals. Our front-line team includes a resource room coordinator, four employment coordinators who work one-on-one with job-seekers, and a staff member who directly supports employers.

We view local employers as strategic partners in our community and we want to see your business thrive. Let us use our experience to help you hire successfully from the community around you at no cost to you!

“Quint did a great job organizing all of the candidates so that our recruiting process was streamlined. As a result, we were able to interview 84 applicants in 4 hours and from that offered positions to 45 great candidates for our seasonal workforce.”

– City of Saskatoon (2018)

“You and your team did a great job organizing the event today. I would say with confidence it was one of the best career fairs I have attended. Good job.” 

– Wilton Angus from the Graham team (2020)

How can we help you with recruitment and retention?

Quint’s Employer Relations can help you with the following:


 We advertise your job postings in our resource room and share your postings directly with qualified job seekers.

Employer Relations will contact you to learn about your hiring goals and we will pre-screen applicants based on your needs.
New Employee Support

Employer Relations checks in with you and your new employee to make sure things are going well. If there are challenges, Employer Relations can recommend resources to assist both parties.


We advertise, host, set-up, and staff hiring events at no cost to employers or job seekers.

  • Employer Spotlight Events 
  • Mini Job Fairs (up to 10 employers)
Community Job Fair

We partner with other community organizations to host and advertise a large annual job fair that attracts hundreds of job seekers.

Each year, Quint and community partners hold a Community Job Fair at Bedford Road Collegiate.

Need more information?

If you would like more information about hiring from the Core Neighbourhoods, please contact Kayla, Employer Relations.

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