Our Approach

Strengthening the economic and social well-being of Saskatoon’s five core neighbourhoods through a community economic development approach.

Our Vision

  • We see citizens who are caring, self-reliant, self-determining & have a sense of pride.
  • We see a community that is safe, stable and caring, where all its citizens can participate and grow.
  • We see ourselves providing leadership in ways of community economic development that build a healthy social and economic environment for all.
  • We see a vital local economy that uses local resources & sustains jobs, businesses & community enterprise.
  • We see neighbourhoods that are prosperous, beautiful, & environmentally sustainable.
  • We see the community initiating and supporting cultural, recreational, educational and socio-economic opportunities for the good of all.

Community Economic Development principles guide all of our work

Although the core communities face many challenges, we believe that a CED approach has the potential to build healthier communities – where people regain some measure of control over their day-to-day lives and where human and local needs take precedence over distant and corporate needs.

Community Economic Development (CED) strives to:

Work in a holistic way that integrates economic, social, environmental, and cultural development to strengthen and reclaim communities.

Develop community organizations that enable marginalized groups to pool their resources and talents to create community ownership, jobs, training, and income.

Be inclusive of marginalized groups and individuals.

Undertake economic development in a manner that is in-keeping with community culture and values.

Develop community capacity, skills, and resources.

Ensure that social and economic resources remain in the community.

Promote local ownership, community control over capital and resources, and local reinvestment.

Involve community representation and control of the economic development process.

To work with partners in business, government, and the community in order to create jobs, training and housing for community members.

Our Approach

  • Create welcoming spaces
  • Focus on relationships and rapport building
  • Meet people where they are at
  • Act as allies and advocates for marginalized people
  • Maintain a strong connection to the community – responsive to their changing needs
  • Be a valuable resource of information
  • Strive to employ a workforce that is representative of and live in the neighbourhoods 

Diversity, Inclusion and Reconciliation

Equity work requires sustained and conscious effort to disrupt a system that has for too long privileged some and left many people behind. Only by recognizing the problem and by working towards our goal of creating opportunities for all and reducing disparities in our community can we say that we are achieving our vision for the core neighbourhoods.

Together we work to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports and celebrates the diverse voices in our community. This informs innovation and ensures the design and implementation of our programs and services are as inclusive as possible. 

We strive to ensure that our directors, staff, and program participants reflect the many identities, cultures, and abilities that make up the core neighbourhoods.

Diversity Awareness and Engagement Committee

  • Awareness and education on all forms of discrimination, and about human rights, equity, and dignity.
  • Recommends ways in which we incorporate changes as it relates to Quint’s programs and services. 
  • Serves as a resource on diversity to the organization.


To honour the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action, Quint’s Board and staff are striving to see how we can be part of the reconciliation process. The Board passed a motion to endorse the TRC’s Calls to Action and commit to adopting specific Calls that align with Quint’s work. We are also an active member of Reconciliation Saskatoon and we support and participate in reconciliation-based education and community events.

Help us grow!

We invite community members to help us identify areas and issues for diversity awareness and engagement.

We value, and welcome racialized people, Indigenous peoples, women and LGBTQ2S people, people with disabilities, first-voice and those with lived experience.