Quint has developed various projects and initiatives over the past 25 years that have had significant impacts on the social and economic well-being of Saskatoon Core Neighbourhoods.

Quint has developed various projects and initiatives over the past 25 years that have had significant impacts on the social and economic well-being of Saskatoon Core Neighbourhoods.

Number of people who received employment supports

Number of people housed in affordable rental housing

Community owned housing units built or renovated

Youth housed at Male Youth Lodge

Youth that gained employment

Construction and renovation investments in the core neighbourhoods

Families supported at Pleasant Hill Place supportive housing, 133 moms, 181 children

Families that became homeowners

Core neighbourhood community meetings, celebrations and events organized

People participating in community events

Local social enterprises/ organizations developed that support CED in the core

Number of housing co-ops created

Our Timeline



Residents and Community Association representatives of the five west side core neighbourhoods meet and learn about CED. Quint Development Corp. was incorporated (Quint is the Latin word for five and it signified the partnership of the five core neighbourhoods.)


Pilot Project

Pilot project to develop the first Homeownership Co-op began buying and renovating core neighbourhood houses for 10 low income families.



Mapping Core Community Assets project begins. 12 youth spent a year surveying core neighbourhoods’ skills and assets.

Province begins the Neighbourhood Development Organization Program that provides Quint with core funding.


Programs Evolve

Pleasant Hill Place opens to provide supportive housing for mothers and their children.

Self Employment Training Program begins to assist residents develop business plans and get their businesses started.


CNAW is Born

The Core Neighbourhoods At Work Program (CNAW) begins to provide career and employment services to core neighbourhood residents.


Strategic Planning

Quint initiates the formation Core Neighbourhood Development Council (CNDC). The CNDC led the development of a multisectoral strategic planning process for the core neighbourhoods.



Quint wins Canada Mortgage and Housing Association’s national award for Innovative Affordable Housing


Growth Continues

The Male Youth Lodge opens to provide supportive, safe and stable housing for young men.

Quint’s first affordable rental apartment opens in Pleasant Hill.


Proof of Impact

Feasibility and business plans begin on community grocery store and Station 20 West

More than 100 low-income families are members of 8 housing co-ops through the Neighbourhood Home Ownership Program (NHOP)


Supporting Community

Quint’s second affordable rental apartment opens in Pleasant Hill.



1st Annual Our Core Communities Shine celebration is held. The purpose of the celebration is to counter the negative portrayal of the core neighbourhoods by promoting the positive people, skills and organizations in the community.


Bump in the Road

Station 20 West’s capital funding is removed. All Community Walk in support of S20W draws 3000 people.


National Connections

Quint hosted the Canadian Community Economic Development Network’s national conference.


Expanded Housing

Quint’s third affordable rental apartment opens in Riversdale.


Momentum is Building

Quint purchases townhouses in the Pleasant Hill Revitalization Project as affordable rental housing.


On the Move

Station 20 West and the Good Food Junction Food Store Co-op open. Quint moves to S20W.


Partnerships Forming

Quint partners with Shift Development to build 12 townhouse/condo in Riversdale


Social Enterprise 

Quint opens 26 new townhouses as affordable rentals in Pleasant Hill.

Quint starts Build Up Saskatoon with STR8 UP – a construction social enterprise


20 Years of Community Economic Development

Build Up Saskatoon retrofits its first house.