Pleasant Hill Place

Supportive Housing for Mothers and their Children

What is Pleasant Hill Place?

Pleasant Hill Place is a supportive transitional home for mothers and children. Women who live at Pleasant Hill Place are either close to losing custody of their children or have lost custody of their children and are working towards the reunification of their family. 

What is the home like?

The home is large with a mixture of private and shared spaces. Each mother has her own bedroom that is connected to a bedroom for her children. The kitchen, bathrooms, and living rooms are shared with other residents. There are many different spots to spend time with your children without feeling crowded. 

How do I get involved?

A mother must have a Family Service worker in order to receive a referral to Pleasant Hill Place. The referral process takes approximately one week. Pleasant Hill Place does not provide immediate or emergency housing for women or children. 

Your Family Service worker refers you to the Coming Home program.

A social worker from the Coming Home program forwards your referral to Pleasant Hill Place.

If a space is available, your worker will contact you to arrange a tour of Pleasant Hill Place and a casual conversation with the staff.

Once you and the staff have confirmed that it is a good fit, your worker will contact you to arrange a move-in date.

What support is offered?

At Pleasant Hill Place, our staff recognize and respect you as the parent and caregiver of your children. The 24-hour staff at Pleasant Hill Place will help you identify and work through the barriers that are making parenting difficult for you. For some mothers, this may mean receiving support to register your children in school, find a family doctor or healthcare team, obtain mental health and addictions support for your own health, or access other parenting programs in the community, such as Parent Aid or Kids First. Our goal is to help you regain or maintain custody of your children and transition to successful, independent living together.

Mothers at Pleasant Hill Place receive a bus pass and are encouraged to be independent in the community. Staff support your growth by hosting regular workshops on physical and emotional self-care and parenting skills. Staff also arrange Indigenous culture nights, fun family activities, and group trips to the Forestry Farm and Shaw Centre pool. 

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