Gavin’s Success Story

“Living at the Youth Lodge gave me the guidance to break old habits by being in a supportive environment

From a young age, Gavin lived between both parents before moving in with, and being raised by his late grandmother. In 2017 he returned to his father’s care and that is where he got into trouble with the law and ended up in Kilburn.

He learnt about Quint through his Str8Up worker after being released. Gavin was in search of a safe place to stay where he would not have to always be looking over his shoulder. He also wanted a place that had people he could trust and that would support him going back to school. Gavin found both of these supports through the Youth Lodge.

Through the support of staff, Gavin is currently enrolled at Bedford Road Collegiate and is on track to graduate in 2024. His goal is to secure a job in a mine after he graduates. “If it wasn’t for the staff at the Youth Lodge I wouldn’t be getting up every morning and making it to school on time. They make sure I wake up, have my homework done, and that I have my bus pass to get there.”

Something Gavin has really appreciated since moving into the Youth Lodge are the weekly check-ins with staff. They promote his mental well-being, and are also used to prepare him for the realities of moving out and living on his own. “Without the Youth Lodge, I would be stuck in the same old cycles because I did not have a safe place to live or the supports I needed to keep me on track.”

Gavin is a very respectful, funny and charismatic resident at the lodge and staff are incredibly proud of all of the steps he has made to towards getting his education.