Shania’s Success Story

“I liked the feeling of running home with my stroller to meet curfew, because I liked the feeling of needing to be home”

Shania first came to Pleasant Hill Place 7 years ago with her daughter, and after transitioning out, she successfully lived on her own and welcomed two new children. Things took a turn in 2022 when she was the victim of a random attack that left both of her hands without mobility.

She was unable to care for herself or her children without proper use of her hands. Her house windows got smashed in, and soon after there was a rodent problem. The house was not habitable but she had no place to go. Soon after that, her children were taken into care, and she was left homeless.

Shania secured a job at A&W and was able to make enough money to pay rent and move in with family. However, her current living situation was not conducive to getting her children back. She reached out to PHP because she knew it was a supportive place she could work on regaining custody of her children while rebuilding positive structure in her life. 

She has made great progress in her goals to build organizational skills and a daily routine for her and her family since returning to PHP. This includes regaining custody of all 3 of her children, putting her daughters into gymnastics as well as prioritizing time for personal development classes and appointments with her counsellor.

Shania also wanted to focus on building stronger relationships and understanding with her children when she moved back into PHP. “Staff have supported me with teaching my girls to have stronger listening skills and they provide me with the ability to have quality one on one time with each of my children.”

Shania is respectful towards staff at PHP and her character is reflected in her girls, and how motivated they are to be helpful and kind to other children at PHP. Shania has also maintained her sobriety since coming to PHP and consistently attends NA/AA meetings, made a connection with a sponsor, and attends addiction counselling.

Everyone at PHP is incredibly proud of all of the steps she continues to make in rebuilding her family life.