Saskatoon West Candidates Respond to Supporting Core Communities through the Housing Crisis

The federal election is Monday, September 20th 2021.

The federal government creates laws, and manages programs and services that affect your country and community. Voting in the federal election is choosing the member of parliament who will represent your voice in these important decisions.

We took the time to ask each Saskatoon West Candidate on how they are going to support the core communities housing crisis. Only the Green Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party responded. 

Saskatoon West Candidate Responses

Kevin Boychuk, People’s Party of Canada (no response)

Robert Doucette, New Democratic Party – Click here for response

Dave Greenfield, Green Party of Canada – Click here for response

Ruben Rajakumar, Liberal Party of Canada (no response)

Brad Redekopp, Conservative Party of Canada (no response)

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– Identification options

– How to find your polling station

Check out Elections Canada:


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