Cody and Ashley’s Success Story

“Housing at Quint is great! They understand people’s situations and what they are going through.”

Cody and Ashley had two small children and were expecting their third child when they moved into a 3 bedroom townhouse at Oski Mācipayin in February 2019. Ashley is now a busy stay at home mom with their three children and Cody is employed full time as a roofer.

Cody heard about the Affordable Housing Program through his employment with Quint’s construction social enterprise Build Up Saskatoon (BUS). When he first started with BUS in 2018, Cody and his family were living in a house that was in desperate need of repairs and had heating bills of $800 a month. His brother James, who was also an employee of BUS, told Cody about Quint’s housing as a way to move his family into better and more affordable housing.  

Cody’s support for his own family extends to his Quint neighbours. They describe him as a “great example of a good father, a helpful and supportive friend and neighbour, and a terrific role model for younger Indigenous boys.” Many of Cody and Ashley’s extended family have also lived in Quint housing. Cody’s brother lives in the Oski Mācipayin complex and Ashley’s Kokum is a former tenant. We also get to welcome Ashley’s sister into one of our apartments in May of this year.

After leaving BUS Cody went on to work as a labourer with a local roofing company. This last year, he switched companies and has been promoted from a labourer to a roofer. Last month, Cody let us know he and his family have begun searching for a new home that they can grow in. Although we are very happy for them, we are sad to see them move on.

We want to thank Cody and Ashley for the important role they have played in making Oski a welcoming and vibrant community.