Shae’s Success Story

“I like Pleasant Hill Place because I get to be with my daughter Emmalyn”

Shae’s motivation, and favourite part about living at PHP is having her daughter back in her care. Emmalyn was over the moon about moving into PHP because it meant that she could be with her mom and not just for a visit.

Something that has brought Shae a lot of happiness is learning how to communicate and play with her daughter. The two have been able to reconnect and strengthen their bond through playtime and daily activities. Shae is very creative and likes to bead, paint and create things. This love for art has been passed down to Emmalyn. The two of them sit together and create jewelry and art work that is proudly displayed in their bedroom and on the house fridge.

Shae recognized that she needed to work on life skills and required mentorship in different areas of her life. Since moving into PHP, she has participated in virtual parenting classes and other personal development programing. One of Shae’s major accomplishments is maintaining her sobriety which she actively pursues by attending meetings. She has also been able to create a network of community supports that include different community agencies, a Mental Health Nurse, and a counselor. All these supports will be able to stay in touch with her after she transitions into her own home.

During her stay at PHP, Shae has learned how to communicate openly and effectively with the ability to express not only her own needs but those of her child. She has been able to learn parenting skills that she will be able to use for years to come.