Staff Reflection – Christie from Pleasant Hill Place

Christie reflects on her experience as Program Staff with Pleasant Hill Place for the past 3.5 years before moving on in her career.

I loved working in a home environment where I could form bonds with residents

I loved how diverse the work at Pleasant Hill Place has been over the past 3.5 years. In all my years of employment I can say I have never learned as much or experienced as much as I have here.

You really wear a lot of “hats” in this position. I have cooked and baked for the residents and shared meals with them, acted as a stand-in birth partner for a Mom who did not have anyone to go with her to the hospital, done all sorts of arts, crafts, activities, and recreational trips into the community, and provided all kinds of educational programming. Sometimes you’re an emotional support, the chef or baker, the teacher, the advocate, the artist, the mentor, the motivational speaker, or a Disney Princess, whatever is needed in the moment. That is beautiful because they work so hard as residents to grow themselves that I want to meet them where they are at, and play some role that can support them in getting there.

I really loved the moms and their children and daily interactions with them. Watching the children grow up and witnessing those important milestones is a gift. Walking alongside the women as they work to improve themselves, their circumstances, and develop independence is a real honor as well.

I will really miss the home space and atmosphere. When people are comfortable they are more open and willing to work with you. Living at PHP is a positive experience for many women and children because it shows them what a healthy home environment can look like and it provides the stability for them to make changes in their own life.

I will also miss the staff, Quint has incredibly compassionate, strong, and hardworking people who have taught me a lot. Cultural exchange is always welcomed and encouraged. People bring food they prepared, share teachings with you and welcome you into spaces and practices because they wish to share their culture with you. Not to mention, the good times and jokes are always welcomed too. I will miss being right in the core communities. I feel so much love and pride in the people and community of Pleasant Hill. You see how people and organizations really come together to help one another and share resources. I will also miss the neighborhood stray cats, but I have already rescued 2 so I think I am at my limit!

Christie is an amazing worker, who showed up to work ready to go and support everyone she works with. We want to wish Christie all the best on her next pursuits, at Calder Centre. The stray cats around PHP will miss Christie as much as the staff will!