Candidates Respond to Addressing Poverty in the Core Neighbourhoods

The civic election is Monday, November 9th.

Our City plays a critical role in keeping the community and its residents healthy. Voting in a civic election is your way of choosing which person running for Council and for Mayor will represent your voice when making decisions. 

We reached out to all Mayoral candidates and Ward 2 Candidates, the ward that represents the west side core, to inform residents on candidate priorities for these neighbourhoods in the area of poverty reduction.

We asked all mayoral candidates and ward 2 candidates their response to this question: 
What do you see the City’s role is in addressing issues of poverty?

Mayoral Candidate Responses

Don Atchison (no response)

Charlie Clark – Click here for response

Rob Norris (no response)

Cary Tarasoff – Click here for response

Mark Zielke – Click here for response

 Ward 2 Candidate Responses

 Hilary Gough – Click here for response

Rosalia Kasleder (no response)

 For information on how to vote including:

– Voting Process;
– Identification Options;
– Ward Boundaries and;
– Free Transportation to get to and from the polls.