Ryan’s Success Story

“Ever since my I moved into the Youth Lodge, my stress levels have lowered”

Ryan has been a resident at the Youth Lodge since September 2019. He has faced many challenges in his life related to having a stable home environment which have only been exacerbated by struggles with mental health. However, at the lodge he said ‘ I take my medication more regularly so it has helped my mental health, and it is a very mellow place so it helps me to feel more relaxed in life.’

Ryan has not been able to stay with his family since 2005, and has a history of short placements at other group homes because of break downs in the relationships. At the Youth Lodge, he has had is longest and most stable stay and this experience has improved his overall quality of life.

Improvement in school attendance, sleep routines and developing positive attachments with staff and residents have all contributed to the increase he has felt in in his mental health and emotional stability. Ryan shared that one of the things he likes about the Youth Lodge is “I like having fun with staff and teasing them and I get positive feedback if I do it too much.”