Adam’s Story

I’m 24. Eight months ago, I got my first job.

I graduated from high school in 2013. However, I didn’t look for a job for many years because I worried that a workplace would be like high school, which had some very bad days.

My mom made my first appointment at Quint because I was too nervous to do it. It was hard to talk to people in general, including the staff at Quint. However, I did talk to Alethea, an Employment Coordinator with the Core Neighbourhoods at Work program. Alethea was kind and very helpful as I figured out what I was going to do to find a job.

Quint helped me register for several workshops to learn about rules and responsibilities in a workplace, chemical safety, and Food Safe. Because I didn’t have work experience, Alethea encouraged me to volunteer. These experiences helped me get my job because people have now seen how I work and could offer a reference. I’m a worker who focuses well on what I have to do. Without my volunteering, few people would have known that about me. It’s great that so many people see that in me now.

I decided that TJ’s Pizza would be a great place to work. I prepared a resume and walked in to introduce myself. Two days later, they called me back for an interview. I went to Quint on the morning of my interview to get some advice. My regular employment coordinator was away but Miali sat down with me to discuss interviews and have a practice interview together. During my interview at TJ’s, I felt prepared and nothing was a surprise. They asked if I could start later that week. I was hired!

Since working at TJ’s, I am more social and I have learnt many new skills. My job is rewarding and I have made some friends at my workplace. My coworkers are nice and I feel excited when I go to work.

I still drop in to Quint to give the staff updates on my life. I see the people at Quint as people who care about me because they are so happy for me when good things happen.”

   Adam, CNAW participant