Welcome to our New Mayor, Charlie Clark

Welcome to our New Mayor, Charlie Clark

About Charlie

As the Ward 6 councillor for the past decade, I have immersed myself in the life of Saskatoon and learned what makes our city thrive but also where we can fall short. In this role I have also been part of nation-wide conversations about the increasingly important role that cities are playing as engines of innovation and ensuring quality of life for all citizens.

I am convinced of Saskatoon’s potential to be more than it is now, and have worked hard to bring new ideas and approaches from other cities, to Saskatoon. You can read more about my record for change here.

Before becoming a City Councillor, much of my professional work was in the area of mediation and community economic development. Knowing how to find common ground among people with diverse interests and perspectives is critical if we want to succeed as a diverse and inclusive modern city. I am proud of being part of initiatives that did this well, giving us successes that include: Broadway 360 Development Plan, New Neighbourhood Infill Guidelines, the Active Transportation Plan, and Plan to End Homelessness.

I have received Planet S Magazine‘s City Councillor of the Year award for all but one of the years I was a councillor. I was also recognized in Spacing Magazine, the national urban planning magazine, as a city builder in 2013. I have presented nationally at conferences on affordable housing, urban development, and policing and community safety issues.

I am also busy raising a young family with my wife, Sarah Buhler, who is a law professor at the University of Saskatchewan.


My education and experience includes:

– B.A. in Conflict Resolution from University of Winnipeg and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

– Bachelor Degree in Education from the University of Toronto.

– M.A. in Environmental Studies from York University, training me in the fields of planning, local government, and community capacity building.


Information source: http://www.charlieclarkformayor.ca/about