Temitope Adediji’s Success Story

“You plant the seed, you may not see the bloom, but you helped plant that seed for their future.” – Laverne

Laverne has been an essential part of Quint since it was created. She is a founding board member of Quint, and one of the reasons the organization has the pulse and impact it does today.

As a lifelong resident of Pleasant Hill and many years of community organizing in the core neighbourhoods,  Laverne’s leadership was an instrumental part of the vision that led to the formation of Quint. As a member of the founding Board, Laverne helped ensure that the foundation of Quint was solid with a clear strategic plan and policies that have shaped the organization as it developed in the early years.

By most standards Temitope Adediji – known by her family and friends as “Temi” – would be considered a highly educated woman with a professional work history. Before leaving Nigeria, with degrees in Communication and Language Arts and Communication and Media Technology, and a Masters in Communication and Media Performance, she worked at the Educational Advancement Centre in Ibadan.

Unfortunately, however, these did not guarantee her a job in Canada and she was unsuccessful in finding a business and administrative position in Saskatoon.

Temi immigrated to Saskatoon from Nigeria in 2014 with her husband, a young child, and was pregnant with her second. With a growing family, no driver’s license, and a husband who worked many hours a week and wasn’t available to provide regular transportation, one of Temi’s first challenges here was mobility.

About six months after arriving, Temi learned from a friend about Quint’s employment-related programming and services. In January 2015, she registered with our Core Neighbourhoods at Work (CNAW) program, attended our Learner’s license program intake, and was immediately accepted. Temi was diligent in her studies and within 10 days of being accepted, wrote her learner’s exam and passed!

From there, Temi quickly developed a relationship with CNAW and readily accessed any support we offered. Most notably, she completed our Job Readiness Workshop, attended our Community Job Fair, and participated in a research project for job seekers, and received one-on-one support in editing her resume, writing cover letters, and job searching.

Eventually, Temi found a job with Best Buy as a Customer Service Representative – but shortly after starting, there were a series of lay-offs that included Temi.

This is when she decided that it would be in her best interests to go back to school for a Canadian diploma. Temi felt that she needed either Canadian work experience or Canadian education if she wanted to work in her field, so she applied for the Business Administration course with Saskatoon Business College. She attended classes full-time despite being a busy mom.

In the past year, Temi finished her diploma and attended our Driver’s License Program as soon as she was qualified. Once again she was immediately accepted and was successful in obtaining her Class 5 Driver’s license! And most recently, she has been successful in obtaining a position with Environment Canada.

We are very proud at Quint of Temi and how much she has achieved in her short time in Canada – she is truly inspiring. Regardless of setbacks faced, she did everything she could to ensure her family’s success in her chosen country. She didn’t waste any time complaining or feeling defeated, but instead formulated a plan to achieve her goals. She is a person that never gives up, attacks obstacles head on, and never makes excuses.


Temi recognizes that while her patience, resilience, and determination gave her the ability to overcome her obstacles, she also attributes her success to Quint’s programs and staff. She believes that she could not have accomplished all of her goals without the training, counselling, and support that Quint’s Employment Coordinators provided her.

Temi regularly refers other newcomers to Quint. She hopes to someday “replicate the love and care that she found at Quint Development” for others who need this support.

Congratulations Temi!

As the organization continued to grow, Laverne’s position evolved into the  Director of Operations but she continued to oversee and guide the affordable housing program. She is also one of our main social function organizers ensuring that we maintain a strong and cohesive staff team/family, something that she prides herself on. She has worked hard to make sure staff feel included, heard and part of the decision making process within the organization.

Laverne also played a large role in organizing Quint’s community events, what she calls “the fun work”. This included launching and planning the annual Our Core Communities Shine events, numerous community BBQ’s, and anniversary celebrations.

Laverne’s impact is throughout all aspects of Quint’s programming and practices. Her legacy will be that of dedication, compassion, and perseverance, always fighting for the good of her community and the people in it. On behalf of the Quint staff, board of directors and the community at large, Laverne we are so thankful for your leadership and vision to bring Quint to reality. Your contributions will continue to transcend the 26 years you have committed to our west side core communities and beyond.

Happy Retirement!