Celebrating Success: Ajak Biar’s Double Hitter

Core Neighbourhoods at Work and Affordable Housing are both very proud to celebrate Ajak’s employment and housing successes.

Ajak is originally from Cuba but has made Canada his home for over 20 years. He has worked in Ontario and Alberta but has been in Saskatoon for the past 5 years. In his time here, Ajak has been employed in warehouse environments but deep down he knew that he was capable of other opportunities. The one thing that was missing was an organization that would help him in reaching his maximum potential.

Ajak first sought out the support of Quint in June of 2014 when he registered with the Core Neighbourhoods at Work Program. At that time he identified needing support with both employment and housing. CNAW staff were able to help him create two versions of his résumé, to job search, as well as upgrade his skills. He successfully completed Fork Lift Training and Safety Construction Orientation Training through Quint.

As mentioned, Ajak not only needed support in finding employment he also was looking for safe affordable housing. We are proud to say that Quint was able to help Ajak with this. In February of this year Ajak became a tenant in our Affordable Housing Program. Ajak is a polite, respectful, and responsible tenant that has already shown staff and other tenants that he is driven and hardworking. 

His willingness to be open to new ideas and perspectives allowed him to see his potential outside the manufacturing sector. Because of this openness to change, we sent his resume to our contact at Commercial Sandblasting & Painting and Ajak immediately received an offer for employment. We are happy to say that he has been working as a Commercial Painter since March!

As Ajak himself said,
“I want to thank everyone in the office for all the help and support they have given me. They have done a really good job and I really appreciate it!” 

Double Hitter!

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