A Core Neighbourhoods at Work Success Story

During the winter of 2014, the Core Neighbourhoods at Work program (CNAW) registered Joshua Rozon into our Adult GED program.

Josh was a 20 year old young man at the time, looking to complete his grade twelve equivalency with Quint. He had previously attempted our GED prep program in 2012, but could not complete due to his disability as he suffers from seizures and migraines.

In the past, he was unable to complete his grade twelve due to his condition. He also felt there were many misunderstandings from his teachers and fellow students, which discouraged him from continuing school. He decided to register with Quint because of the ideal class location and size.

Josh had almost perfect attendance in our program, until his condition prevented him from continuing his studies. He was hospitalized during the term, but he was still motivated to try writing his exams. He was able to pass his Social Sciences test.

A few months after the end of the program, Josh decided that he still wanted to pursue further education, and began looking into a local business program with support from his mom, Brenda.

After jumping through many hoops with student loans, bursaries, and scholarships, Josh was very excited about starting classes at Sask Polytechnic. Although he had not completed his grade twelve, or GED, he was accepted into the evening business program and began classes in January 2015.

Josh has expressed his gratitude to CNAW staff for taking him into the GED program last year, stating “I never would’ve thought about going on to further education if I hadn’t enrolled in Quint’s GED program.” We wish Josh all the best in his future studies.