February’s Milestone to Commemorate Quint’s 20th Anniversary

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

February 1995 saw the result of two months of organizing and ‘spreading the word’ culminate into a community workshop.

Officials with New Careers Corporation and the Department of Social Services secured funds to cover costs for Mike Lewis, a Community Economic Development consultant from British Columbia, to facilitate the community workshop.

The gathering brought approximately 120 people together for Friday night and all-day Saturday information and visioning sessions. People attending were extremely excited about the prospects of beginning a CED organization in Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods. So much so, that the facilitator offered to take us through the next steps with those who were interested in getting together the next morning before his flight home.

Approximately two dozen people came together that Sunday morning to begin the work. One community resident identified that he was so excited he had thought about it most of the night. He suggested that since we were the five core neighbourhoods coming together for this initiative we should call ourselves Quint (Latin for five).

With that great community-driven start, work on incorporating the non-profit community economic development organization began in earnest….