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Male Youth Lodge

“Quint house has shown me that I can have a good life without drugs and alcohol, and the rules have taught me to live better. I remember when I first came to Quint I really didn’t like it but I was young and 
naive and wasn’t ready to move on to independent living.”

—Male Youth Lodge Resident

Male Youth Lodge

Quint's Male Youth Lodge is a supportive living environment for young men aged 16-21. The objective is to provide a safe and stable living environment for youth seeking support and guidance to create a path towards independence.

The Youth Lodge is staffed 24 hours a day. The staff offer in-house programming and connects residents with community supports. We focus on:

  • building healthy lifestyles and relationships; 
  • life skills;
  • identifying and overcoming addictions;
  • education and continued education;
  • career counseling;
  • and recreational activities.

During their stay, residents will develop plans and timelines tailored to meet their individual goals. The resident, along with staff and community supports, will develop a plan towards attaining and maintaining independent living.

While in the program, the young men are encouraged to make the Lodge their home. They are encouraged to cook, clean, and participate in programs, such as financial literacy training. Every day routines also include looking for a job, attending school, or going to work. 

To facilitate a sense of hospitality and well-being, staff works hard to ensure all young men living at the Lodge are encouraged and supported in their goals and interests.

The Youth Lodge provides residents with:
  • a safe, stable and supportive living environment;
  • obtaining proper identification;
  • links to education, training and employment;
  • appropriate referrals in areas of addictions, abuse, and anger management;
  • and an atmosphere that fosters the development of basic life skills.
Program benefits

Every year roughly 30 young men live at the Lodge. Quint and its community partners view the Lodge as both pro-active mediation and a preventative measure which, in the long term, function to support young men on their journey to becoming healthy and productive citizens.

We recognize that, by investing in supported housing for youth, we are investing in the future of the community as a whole. It is in everyone’s best interest to see these young men develop into healthy, productive, and active participants in the community. We are very proud of these young men and the decisions they are making to change their lives for the better; and we appreciate the opportunity to be able to play a role in supporting each of them as they make their way forward.

How can individuals be part of this program?

Potential residents would be young men between 16-21 years who:

  • are homeless or at risk of being homeless;
  • have involvement with the Ministry of Social Services and/or the justice system;
  • and want to live in a supportive environment to create a path towards independence.

Referrals are made through Saskatchewan's Ministry of Social Services (16-17 year old Program) and the Ministry of Justice.

Interested individuals should speak with their social worker or young offender worker who can make a referral to the program.

For more information, please call 306.978.4041 and ask for Reagan.