Working together to strengthen communities

Core Neighbourhoods at Work

The Core Neighbourhoods at Work (CNAW) program was developed to address the needs of a growing number of adults and youth in the core neighbourhoods looking to further their education or work experience.

CNAW assists residents of the core neighbourhoods interested in career planning, accessing training opportunities and finding employment. CNAW's employer relations role establishes and maintains relationships with employers to develop, initiate, and secure job opportunities for Core Neighborhood at Work (CNAW) program participants.

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"Our team at Maple Leaf Foods has worked closely with Quint Development this year. Quint hosted a job fair for our company at their location at Station 20. The turnout was impressive and we were able to fill our entry level vacancies with ease. We received support from Quint in regards to ensuring the potential new hires had the required documentation our company needed to have them set up on our system. In summary, Quint facilitated and organized a job fair at their location, all we had to do was show up and interview and hire applicants! We are looking forward to working with Quint in the near future!"

— Maple Leaf Consumer Foods, Saskatoon, SK
Human Resources Team

"As a large company with over 900+ employees, we are constantly looking at recruiting individuals to join our team. The quality of employees we have received through Quint are exceptional and several employees have been promoted within a few months of starting with the Company due to their drive, determination and motivation. Quint is my favourite recruiting service because they truly care about the communities they support and the Companies they work with. They don’t just send me a body for the  job—they send me somebody for the job."

— Krystal (HR Manager for an international hospitality company)