Working together to strengthen communities
Change-Maker Workshop
Quint Saskatoon | January 05, 2018

A Business Model to Job Creation and Poverty Reduction

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Diatomaceous Earth – A Natural Solution to Pest Control
Quint Saskatoon | January 04, 2017

Bed bugs have had a far reaching impact on rental housing in Saskatoon and Quint has been no exception. The cost to continually treat for bugs creates financial pressures, the quality of life for tenants suffers, and reputations suffer when word gets out that a building has bugs. All of these factors have contributed to the Housing team looking for answers and ways to prevent bed bugs entering and spreading in our buildings.

We have recently begun a new prevention method where every suite will have all of its baseboards removed and diatomaceous earth (DE) put underneath…

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Kohkums in Toyland is about Spirit
Quint Saskatoon | November 29, 2016

Kohkums in Toyland is about spirit. Christmas spirit for sure. But really the story is about that spirit where generosity, sharing, and giving come from.

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Saskatoon’s Core Communities Shine Music Video
Quint Saskatoon | November 07, 2016

The video generates feelings of joy and connectedness as it captures core neighbourhood residents dancing in notable locations along Saskatoon’s historic 20th Street West. 

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Welcome to our New Mayor, Charlie Clark
Quint Saskatoon | November 01, 2016

Welcome to our New Mayor, Charlie Clark

About Charlie

As the Ward 6 councillor for the past decade, I have immersed myself in the life of Saskatoon and learned what makes our city thrive but also where we can fall short. In this role I have also been part of nation-wide conversations about the increasingly important role that cities are playing as engines of innovation and ensuring quality of life for all citizens.

I am convinced of Saskatoon’s potential to be more than it is now, and have worked hard to bring…

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Core Neighbourhood Priorities as Seen by our New Ward 2 Councillor—Hilary Gough
Quint Saskatoon | November 01, 2016

What are your priorities as Councillor for Ward 2 and especially the core neighbourhoods?

In terms of housing, over the last 10 years, the percentage of Saskatoon residents living in unacceptable or unaffordable housing has grown. Ward 2 residents need:

For the city to prioritize the use of Affordable Housing reserve funds to address this gap in Ward 2 neighbourhoods, and Investment in high quality, affordable housing that allows residents to choose to stay and thrive in the area.

Will you work with other sectors to adopt and implement affordable (social) and accessible rental housing development regulations, development incentives,…

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Training for Quint Staff about Indigenous People and Treaties
Quint Saskatoon | October 03, 2016

To continue Quint's honouring of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action, Lyndon Linklater of the Office of the Treaty Commissioner, presented a day-long workshop on Indigenous People and the Treaties.

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CNAW is offering a 2 day workshop intended for people needing First Aid/CPR to gain employment
Quint Saskatoon | July 27, 2016
Temitope Adediji’s Success Story
Quint Saskatoon | June 29, 2016

We are very proud at Quint of Temi and how much she has achieved in her short time in Canada – she is truly inspiring. Regardless of setbacks faced, she did everything she could to ensure her family’s success in her chosen country. She didn’t waste any time complaining or feeling defeated, but instead formulated a plan to achieve her goals. She is a person that never gives up, attacks obstacles head on, and never makes excuses.

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Quint’s 2016 AGM
Quint Saskatoon | June 20, 2016
P6152084 Celebrating "Working Together to Strengthen Communities" The PowerPoint presentation from our 2016 Annual General Meeting is available here as a 3 minute movie.   Here are a few photos from the AGM:




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Quint has several very affordable 2-bedroom suites available
Quint Saskatoon | May 11, 2016

Quint has several 2-bedroom suites available in our buildings on Avenue T and Avenue U at 21st Street West. 

Rents are only $740/month! 

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Quintessentials May 2016 Newsletter
Quint Saskatoon | May 02, 2016

The May issue of Quint's newsletter is available here.

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All Candidates Forum on Core Neighbourhood Issues
Quint Saskatoon | March 08, 2016
Quint_all_candidates_forum_poster_23Mar16 ALL CANDIDATES FORUM TO DISCUSS KEY ISSUES IN SASKATOON'S CORE NEIGHBOURHOODS Come meet your MLA candidates for the April 4th election to hear their positions on these and other key issues: Housing Employment Poverty Reduction

When: 6 PM, WEDNESDAY, March 23rd

Where: Station 20 West, 1120 - 20th Street West, Saskatoon

FREE SUPPER & CHILDCARE will be provided

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Core Neighbourhood Rec Centre
Quint Saskatoon | January 13, 2016

Core Neighbourhood Rec Centre

Intended to serve the King George, Riversdale, and Pleasant Hill neighbourhoods, the rec centre is still in the very early planning stages. The City of Saskatoon, YMCA, and Saskatoon Tribal Council are working together to see if the project will be feasible.

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Buy Local and Support Your Community
Quint Saskatoon | December 09, 2015
img6 Check out this article on what's behind Quint's Community Economic Development focus.

This article originally appeared in the December 2015 issue of Quint’s monthly newsletter:

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2015 Quint Stars
Quint Saskatoon | October 28, 2015

As part of Quint's 20th Anniversary Celebration Event, we were very pleased to recognize our Quint Stars -- four friends and supporters who have been instrumental in helping Quint achieve our community goals during our first twenty years.

Karl Baumgardner, Chris Broten, Anne Hardy, and Don Kossick were recognized and thanked at the 20th Anniversary Celebration for their many contributions to Quint over many years. Here are stories of some their many contributions to Quint.

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Affordable Housing Must be an Election Issue
Quint Saskatoon | August 18, 2015

There is an affordable housing crisis in Canada -- one that we certainly also see in Saskatoon. 

Affordable housing should be a major issue in the upcoming federal election because it affects everyone -- not just those families who are either spending too much of their incomes on housing, forced to double- and triple-up, and/or live in substandard housing.

We need to have a national affordable housing strategy that is adequately funded.

Len Usiskin addressed this today on Saskatoon's Global Television.

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CELEBRATING SUCCESS: Miali Rakotondravah
Quint Saskatoon | June 30, 2015

Quint’s Affordable Housing Program Salutes Miali Rakotondrava

We would like to take the opportunity this evening to recognize Miali’s contributions to our community and our organization, and we are pleased and look forward to continue working with you both as a tenant and a co-worker! Congratulations on all your successes!

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CELEBRATING SUCCESS: Ajak Biar’s Double Hitter
Quint Saskatoon | June 30, 2015

“I want to thank everyone in the office for all the help and support they have given me. They have done a really good job and I really appreciate it!” 

Core Neighbourhoods at Work and Affordable Housing are proud to celebrate Ajak’s successes.

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2015 is Quint’s 20th Anniversary! See our AGM Presentation
Quint Saskatoon | June 29, 2015

2015 is Quint's 20th Anniversary.
Photos of Quint's first 20 years are available as a 7 minute movie.

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Quint Saskatoon | June 24, 2015

"We think Leanne’s strengths come from her ability to get back up. She is a resilient, strong, courageous, and giving individual… all the qualities that have gotten her where she is today."

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Dena is driven to succeed!
Quint Saskatoon | May 19, 2015

For Dena, it is important to be independent and this is one of the biggest reasons she wanted her driver’s license. Despite her many obstacles, with 9 years of hard work, she has learned English in a new and very different country, completed high school, found work, and gotten her learner's license. 

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CHRA launches Housing for All video!
Quint Saskatoon | May 04, 2015

CHRA launches Housing for All video!

Housing Experts Warn of Affordable Housing Crisis and Negative Economic Impacts
Over 300,000 households at risk of eviction as federal funding expires

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Looking for work?!?  40 Entry Level Painters are needed ASAP!! (no experience necessary)
Quint Saskatoon | April 24, 2015

40 Entry Level Painters (no experience necessary) are needed ASAP. 

Call Amber @ 978-4041 ext 234 or stop by the office.

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Employer Spotlight on: Dakota Dunes Casino
Quint Saskatoon | April 23, 2015

Are you interested in working for Dakota Dunes Casino?

Join us for an Employer Spotlight on one of Saskatchewan’s most exciting employers!

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Safety Ticket Training
Quint Saskatoon | April 22, 2015

Free Safety Ticket Training at Quint Saskatoon

Limited to 10 people

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Community Job Fair Survey Winner
Quint Saskatoon | March 24, 2015
Val LaFontaine won the $50 Good Food Junction gift card at last week's Community Job Fair last week by completing the survey telling us about her experience at the Fair. Congratulations Val and thanks to the over 800 people who attended!!

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Quint Saskatoon | March 23, 2015

Applications are invited for a $1,000 scholarship to be awarded in 2015 to a woman who wishes to make herself more employable through education.

The scholarship:

Is open to women* 18 years old and over, from Saskatoon and area May be applied to any type of study to increase employability  Assists women in financial need with tuition costs, books and supplies, and/or education-related costs such as child care, transportation, etc. To apply, please provide the following in writing:

(Please make your answers as complete as possible, to make certain the…

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Great turnout at this month’s CNAW Driver’s Program intake!
Quint Saskatoon | February 25, 2015

Great turnout at this month’s CNAW Driver’s Program intake!

Reminder that we hold intakes on the last Wednesday of each month at 10:00 AM at Quint.

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February’s Milestone to Commemorate Quint’s 20th Anniversary
Quint Saskatoon | February 23, 2015

To Dream, and to Remember

To help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Quint Development Corporation, each month we will be sharing a significant milestone in the history between 1995 and 2015.

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Quint’s Core Neighbourhood’s at Work Program and AANDC Treaty Card ID Clinic—February 6, 2015
Quint Saskatoon | January 27, 2015

Treaty Card ID Clinic at Quint Development's Office

Only 40 Cards are available for adults only on a 
First Come - First Served basis

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January’s Milestone to Commemorate Quint’s 20th Anniversary
Quint Saskatoon | January 27, 2015

To Dream, and to Remember

To help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Quint Development Corporation, each month we will be sharing a significant milestone in the history between 1995 and 2015.

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A Core Neighbourhoods at Work Success Story
Quint Saskatoon | January 21, 2015

Josh has expressed his gratitude to CNAW staff for taking him into the GED program last year, stating “I never would’ve thought about going on to further education if I hadn’t enrolled in Quint’s GED program.”

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